Asphalt Paving Services

Wells Cargo Construction provides comprehensive paving services from surface preparation and milling & grading to complete street placement. With the variety of soil conditions unique to Southern Nevada, our mixes are custom designed, analyzed and tested for each job, large or small, then expertly laid by Wells Cargo's skilled crews using 'state of the art' equipment.Materials are reliably supplied by Wells Cargo Constructions own 'Asphalt Plant and Material Sources'. Since 1935, thousands of homeowners, businesses, and government agencies have trusted Wells Cargo Construction's experienced team of grading and paving professionals to deliver top quality, long-lasting roads.In today’s world it has also become important and valuable to review environmentally green options. This in mind the majority of our asphalt mixes include recycled asphalt, which lowers the price to the consumer and our customers. Wells Cargo also owns a pulverizer which enables us to reuse existing materials thus lowering costs and emissions for the production of new materials.

Gravel & Grading Services

  • Wells Cargo Construction knows about having the proper foundation which is why part of their expertise is on "rough grading", knowing that the soil must be restructured and compacted to exactly the right point with no environmental compromises.

  • Nevada has one of the most diverse subsoil types in the U.S., which is why this requires knowledge in preparing each individual job site.

  • The steps required to complete the job vary from site to site, experience in these situations is what allows us to determine the treatment needed to assure the laying of a proper foundation for the construction to follow.

  • Haul routes and cycle times drive the job plan, but achieving the project goal is a function of machine power and experience.At Wells Cargo we use the loaders, scrapers, dozers, and rollers that are required to properly complete your job.